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This line is describing how Autumn and the sun are intimately connected.

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Onomatopoeia and alliteration are exemplified in the following line, "Thy hair soft lifted by the winnowing wind" (Keats 872).

In addition to the pattern of lyrical description throughout the entire poem, is the pattern of contrasts (Moser).

As a whole, the poem is "a lyrical description of autumn in terms of certain objects, processes, and events associated with that season, or at least with specific aspects of that season" (Moser).

The poem celebrates autumn as a season of abundance, a season of reflection, a season of preparation for the winter, and a season worthy of admiration with comparison to what Romantic poetry often focuses upon - the spring.

Keats engages all our senses with beautiful, soothing and even intoxicating images.

However, amid this tribute to life there are imitations of death. Keats’ Ode To Autumn includes many details that engage and enlighten us.

It emphasises his point of view that nature really is beautiful.

"Close blossom-friend of the maturing sun" is another example of personification which emphasises how the persona may feel intimately connected to Autumn. This lines shows the personas view that you do not need Spring for nature to be beautiful and that Autumn may be just as good if not better as...

Keats uses the phrase ‘granary floor’ during stanza 2 because during autumn it is harvesting season.

This gives the reader the sense that they are in the poem experiencing Autumn.


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