Essay On Poverty Alleviation In Nepal

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This makes Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world.However, such decline in incidence of poverty was achieved at the cost of increased inequality.The gini coefficient increased from 0.24 in the year 1984/85 to 0.41 in 2003/04.These 10 facts about poverty in Nepal highlight the various issues that contribute to the problem and the impact that they have on the country.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.It was only in 2003/04, some progress in reducing the poverty was reported, which was mainly due to the significantly higher inflow of remittance compared to earlier years, rapid urbanization, and an increase in non-farm incomes.This resulted not only in the decline in proportion of population suffering from poverty but also decline in the absolute number of population suffering from poverty.Fortunately, Nepal has experienced slight economic growth in the past few years.Here are 10 facts about poverty in Nepal: Nepal is lagging behind even undeveloped world when it comes to poverty. Efforts of volunteers and non-profit organizations have the potential to make a big difference, especially regarding the recent economic upturn.Therefore, poverty incidence remains always the highest in Mid-western and Far-western rural hills.Also, poverty and food insecurity is highest among female headed household, dalit and ethnic communities, small landholding households, households engaged in laboring and agriculture.


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