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Is leadership valued over other traits and accomplishments?

Is leadership valued over other traits and accomplishments?

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I have known of parents, similar to the college counseling centers in Vietnam, starting and being the driving forces for activities in order to benefit their children when they apply for admission.

I am skeptical of the value of any activity selected or leadership pursued primarily for college admission advantage.

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Does an emphasis on leadership in the admissions process reward certain kinds of students, and is it the kind we want to reward?

I worry that the current system, especially at highly-selective universities, rewards students who are resume enhancers or self-promoters at the expense of students who are servant-leaders, who work behind the scenes without fanfare. In a culture where style is worshiped over substance, where celebrity is valued more than accomplishment or character, what messages do young people receive?

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Are the admissions offices at American colleges and universities obsessed with leadership?

” My initial response to the student was that I don’t think leadership is valued over other traits.

American colleges and universities certainly talk a lot about “leadership,” and students certainly hear the message that they must be “leaders,” but does leadership outweigh academic accomplishment?


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