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It was during the ceremony where he saw an old man, the current Receiver, who will then be the Giver.

They both have light eyes which are rarely found in their community.

The Giver The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about Jonas who is a young boy selected by the Elders to be the Receiver of Memory.

Being almost twelve, it’s the time for the chief Elder to assign him such profession.

A person can be released from the community if he is really old, a sick infant or those persons who break the rules.

Jonas discovers after a year of training that people being released were actually being given lethal injection.Reading it was a waste of time and it hardly made sense. Moreover, plans to eradicate emotional distresses are underway.Although there were a few interesting lines it’s not worth to finish reading it. Jonas is honored to inherit the position of the receiver of memory” (the custodian of past memories).But the critic was able to finish it which he regrets doing so because it was the worst book he had read so he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone (Rip). However when Jonas meets the custodian (memory Giver), he is confused on his......?Censorship of Children’s Books: “The Giver” by Lois Lowry The very concept of censorship opposes the fundamental freedom of speech, thoughts and ideas.The same is true with Gabriel, a sick baby being taken cared by Jonas’ family who also has light eyes.He will be released from the community if he doesn’t get better within a year or two.Another critic says that as a book, The Giver is masterfully made.It’s about the change undergone by a Utopian State when the job of being “The Receiver” was given to a boy.Another instance is when Jonas wonders hoe life in his world will be if it is filled with colors and memories and emotion.This critic also said that to show true emotion, the author showed a tearful Jonas when he found out that his father, a doctor, administers lethal injection to infants who are released from the community for being sick and weak.


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