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Japan experienced floods and mudslides that killed more than 120 people last year.The Indian state of Kerala witnessed a 100-year flood that swamped several metropolitan areas.

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There, residents deal with frequent flooding, heavy monsoon rains and extreme heat.

But they’re also learning to adapt to these extremes by co-building basic infrastructure and planning for emergencies.

Some maintain an emergency savings based on the extent of losses incurred in past floods.

The women of Morarji Vasahat discuss personal resilience measures like maintaining disaster evacuation bags packed with money, important documents, medicines and other essentials.

They require more community garbage bins placed at convenient locations that are designed to manage overspills, so animals don’t get in.

Residents complained about animal rearers who let their livestock roam free, adding to their health risks.To help better understand how to build resilience, WRI assessed several neighborhoods using the Urban Community Resilience Assessment (UCRA) tool, developed with support from Cities Alliance’s Joint Work Program on Resilient Cities.Learn more in our recent research paper, The UCRA helps city planners understand the nature of climate vulnerabilities in poor, urban neighborhoods and their means to adapt to them.Most roads are well paved and clean, with storm water drains along both sides.Household drainage is designed to flow through the same drains.Though not especially wealthy, the Morarji Vasahat community is well-connected with city officials and political leaders.This is a big reason why its infrastructure is more resilient to flooding than the Ugat neighborhood. For example, survey results indicated that they do not know where their local administrative ward office is located, or the name of their corporator, an elected representative for the neighborhood.They are waterproofing their roofs by repairing cracks in corrugated metal and adding new plastic sheets. And they’re checking external water tanks and water taps for mosquito infestations and leaks to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases.In the neighborhood of Ugat, infrastructure is less robust.During the workshop, male residents marked on a map areas that are most prone to flooding and streets commonly used for access and emergency evacuation.The women of Morarji Vasahat maintain evacuation bags, packing them with money, important documents, medicines and other essentials.


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