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The focus is on the conversation at the card table with the darkness all around.From that darkness, come the voices of Lennie and Candy, but the main focus of the scene is in the middle of the room at the card table where the light is used to draw the reader's attention to the main arena of action.The focus is on the two men settling down for the night and then the "camera" pulls out and expands the scene to include the night, the fire, and hills.

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A dramatic format is used also for the beginning of scenes.

Each starts with a sparse description of the setting, much like a playwright would do at the beginning of a play scene.

Two other stage conventions include the entrances and exits by characters and, at the beginning of each scene, the setting descriptions.

In each scene are entrances and exits by the characters.

There are six scenes in groups of two, producing three "acts." The first and last scene take place near the bank of the river so that the plot comes full circle.

In the middle are two scenes in the bunkhouse, and two scenes in the barn, the latter including Crooks' room which is in the barn.

In each of these scenes, Steinbeck develops an interesting pattern of general to specific.

For example, in the first scene by the river, Steinbeck begins with a "camera shot" of the entire scene so the reader can take in the mountains, the sun, the river, and all of nature in the vicinity.

Eventually, other characters make entrances: Candy and Curley's wife.

Then Curley's wife exits, George enters, and the three men exit, leaving Crooks alone once again.


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