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Also, Don Pedro says, "'tis very possible he'll scorn it; for the man you all know hath a contemptible spirit".Once again, by saying Benedick will scorn it, shows they think he will mock Beatrice.The speech Benedick makes just before the trick is very logical and well organised.

Benedick cannot see anything particularly special about Hero, he expresses his feelings about her when he mentions, "Why I'faith, methinks she's too low for a high praise, too little for a great praise, too low for a high praise, and too brown for a fair praise", making his feelings about her crystal clear.So it may not come as a complete surprise to the audience.The audience may also find it amusing that Benedick can change his feelings and principles at the drop of a hat, just by finding out that one woman has taken a liking to him.At the beginning of the play Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick portrays elements of self-confidence, which could easily be mistaken as "cockiness".By stating "but I am loved of all ladies", this straight away gives the impression that he is very self-confident and slightly boastful.Next, he speaks about how Claudio has changed since he has been in love.The next subject Benedick goes onto is describing his ideal woman. Shakespeare uses a number of devices to convey Benedick's feelings in the speech.It would seem Claudio is speaking the language of love. He states "I will not be sworn that love transform me into an oyster". He is basically saying that love has transformed him into something sloppy and unmanly. Claudio and Don Pedro also think that Benedick would simply mock Beatrice for her true feelings towards Benedick.Claudio believes "He would make but a sport of it and torment the poor lady worse", this shows that they think Benedick would not take it seriously.This implies that Benedick is still shocked and maybe has to keep pausing for a reality check. The audience would probably be surprised with the changes.In earlier parts of the story, Benedick is a very strong character, and seems totally against been in love.


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