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An example of a traditional community today is an Amish community.There are two types of communities which are discussed in the film The Village.- Alpine Village Clinic is located in a winter resort near the city of Aspen, Colorado.

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The two types that are seen are Gemeinschaft which is similar to a traditional community and Gesellschaft is similar to a modern community.

In a Gemeinschaft the community residences are close; therefore, the members have an intimate relationship with each other....

Today, the term "Global Village" is mostly used as a phrase to describe the Internet and World Wide Web.

Such that the physical distance is of no hindrance to the real-time communicative activities of people, therefore social domains are greatly expanded by the openness of the web and the ease at which people can search for info online and interact with others that share the same interests or background(s).

It would seem that there are all conditions for work and organization of the household around.

But, apparently, Russia has so much land that no one needs it.

[tags: City, Village, Sustainability, Urban design] - Globalization is a topic that has been debated for years.

Two distinct sides have become prominent, pro-globalization and anti-globalization.

It can be clearly seen that globalization has made rich richer and the poor poorer. They are faced with the crisis of cultural identity.

These nations are such which are unable to make the right choice because of their inability due to poverty and hunger.


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