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accordingly, when the war ended, it left Jackson orphaned and alone.while Jackson become in the end elected, he pushed to have the Electoral college abolished and railed towards life tenure for authorities people.throughout his life, Jackson become criticized for his steadfast reviews and autocratic way, but he although proved himself a savvy and thoughtful baby-kisser.As Jackson grew older, he became engaged in a wild life-style of making a bet, horseracing and partying earlier than sooner or later selecting law for a career.He traveled west into the brand new Tennessee territory.He quickly discovered himself engaged in military affairs, and won the election to be main popular of the country militia in the course of his time in Tennessee, he engaged in various duels when he felt someone had threatened his honor–even killing a person once.After each have been seriously wounded via the sword of a British officer, Jackson and his brother had been herded into a prisoner-of-warfare camp where they gotten smaller smallpox.This stint as a captive might fee Jackson's brother his lifestyles.Jackson felt that the bank was an unfair monopoly and that it abused or may abuse its huge energy–a electricity that had partly triggered the disastrous Panic of 1819.Jackson went to outstanding lengths to break the financial institution, a crusade that nearly fee him the presidency in 1834 and earned him an professional censure through the Senate.


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