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An American communist agitator once began a speech with the immortal lines: “Workers and peasants of Brooklyn”. He gives careful weight to the achievements of the Soviet regime, particularly in bringing mass literacy to Russia, and unparalleled social mobility. Was the Soviet Union under Leonid Brezhnev really just an authoritarian regime, rather than a totalitarian one?Nikita Khrushchev hated putting things in writing because he couldn't spell. Saying that the Soviet Union “repossessed” the Baltic states in the secret Hitler-Stalin pact in 1939 would strike most people there as a glaring misreading of history.The conflict was simply constant disagreements of political, military, and economic morals and ideas.

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Readers over the age of 40 will find it an uncomfortable reminder of a dangerous and dismal past.

For most younger readers, it will seem all but unimaginable.

On the night of November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wallthe most potent symbol of the cold-war division of Europecame down.

Earlier that day, the Communist authorities of the German Democratic Republic had announced the removal of travel restrictions to democratic West Berlin.

During the mid-1940 's the United States and Russia were in superpower positions after World War II had ended and left Europe in a pile of rubble.

Continuous tension between the United States and Russia led to the beginning of the Cold War.

The Soviet Union killed more top German communists than Hitler's regime did.

Yet in some countries, Czechoslovakia for example, Soviet forces were initially welcomed as liberators, and Stalinist regimes took power with a degree of popular consent.

Even so, many still resist the idea that the founding fathers of communism were murderous maniacs.

Revolutions against corrupt and ossified regimes in countries such as Russia and China stoked a steamy enthusiasm that took decades to dissipate.


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