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Those should go through Narratively’s other Submittable channels, which you can find here.

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It’s a gorgeous piece, and the standard to which I hold any submission that, on the surface, is about dealing with a medical issue.

This piece about a harrowing rescue mission brings readers inside the world of Search and Rescue teams—we love stories about unusual jobs like this because they allow readers access to an experience they might otherwise never get to know.

It’s not your usual dead parent story, or your usual childhood trauma story.

It’s complex, and intimate, and leaves room for doubt and imperfection.

So, here’s a detailed run-down of everything you need to know about sending me your work — everything I’m dying to see more of, and everything I never want to see again: There’s a slew of publications out there that publish 800-word personal essays about every small interaction and realization in your day-to-day life; parenting anecdotes, romantic mishaps, chance encounters that all wrap up neatly with a hard-earned lesson at the end. I want the stories you’ve been trying to figure out how to tell for your whole life.

The complicated, messy, human stories that bring the reader deep into your life.

I’m always looking for new writers for Narratively’s Memoir section. And by “bigger” I don’t necessarily just mean longer (though sometimes that too), I mean more ambitious.

If you’re interested in submitting your work, it will make both of our lives much easier if you’re crystal clear ahead of time about what exactly I’m looking for. Intellectually ambitious, emotionally ambitious stories that come pouring out of your depths — not the pithy anecdotes you scrape off the top like a pudding skin.

They have no required fees and are open to simultaneous submissions unless otherwise noted.

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts – (also accepts essays and poetry) publishes weekly online.


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