Gothic Story Coursework Peter

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In order for literature to be “Gothic,” it must fulfill some specific requirements.

Firstly, it must set a tone that is dark, somber, and foreboding.

I say Faustian because it’s really more Faustian than Gothic (of course it has Gothic elements). I have only finished the first book: The Castle of Otranto. Without the use of quotes or some other notation, it was difficult at times to understand who was speaking.

The text also runs together with few paragraph breaks in an apparent effort to save pages.

The Ushers have been a significant and reputable family: their house is of considerably large size, they are apparently well educated, and they have servants.

Gothic Story Coursework Peter

On the other hand, they have not produced enough offspring in order for their lineage to persevere.

Next, throughout the development of the story, the events that occur must be strange, melodramatic, or often sinister.

Poe’s short stories are Hence, Poe appropriates a setting that seems to contaminate the characters.

Actually 3 1/2 stars as a sort of average for the three books in this anthology. One commenter described it as being kind of Shakespearean, and I agree - you can enjoy it as if Shakespeare decided to sit down and write a haunted house novella. And the atmosphere was the beauty of a true Gothic novel. VATHEK: 2 stars It was ver THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO: 5 stars So beautiful!! And the atmosphere was the beauty of a true Gothic novel. VATHEK: 2 stars It was very hard to read and had a very rich vocab (well, by rich I mean I couldn't understand it very well, lol).

You can see the very beginnings of modern horror tropes here (panicked servants seeing things, ancestor in the portrait comes to life, etc.), but you also get all of the classic (melo)drama of lit. I guess I knew where it was going (reaching for more knowledge than man is meant to have is never good. All the characters were rich and clearly defined; I personally loved Isabella the most. All the characters were rich and clearly defined; I personally loved Isabella the most. It was also very dark and rather satanic, but it was ok...


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