Henri Fayol 14 Principles Of Management Essay

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Jovi Gan, 19107358, MGW 1010In the today business environment, organizations are changing and the role of managers within the organizations is going to be different than what it was a couple of decades ago.

One cannot help but wonder whether the elements and principles of management identified by the father of management theory, Henri Fayol is still applicable after all this while.

Although this definition might seem totalitarian, my background in done in the past and it shows that sometimes government decision is not always based on achieving the maximum efficiency.

Government decisons can be influenced by political decision which at the end will result in inefficiency (Schachter, 2007, P. That is why management principles such as Fayol’s 14 principles are required for the manager to have.

We shall first examine the relevance of Fayol's elements of management in modern day business environment.

Fayol regarded the elements of management as functions planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

He created a system of management based off of 14 principles that provided guidance to managers on how to accomplish their duties.

Educate managers first on how to improve work processes which would then be transferred to individual workers.

However when he retired thirty years later, the company has expanded into as one of the leading mining companies with a long record of profits and dividends (Koontz and O'Donnell, 1955, p23).

Fayol wrote as a practical man of business reflecting on his long managerial career and setting down the principles which he had most frequently applied into the fourteen principles of management (Fayol, 1949, p52).


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