Home Economics Gcse Coursework

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Every day, food choices affect our health and good nutrition plays a vital role in leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of chronic illness.

From Key Stage 3, students begin to gain an appreciation of the importance of good nutrition and develop skills and knowledge they will use almost daily throughout their working and home lives.

It involves investigating factors that influence consumer choices and decisions, such as advertising and peer pressure.

Pupils also investigate consumer rights, responsibilities and sources of support.

In this unit, students carry out a task that develops unique transferable skills.

Students are required to research a given task title.

Conclusion The Newsagents is affected by many different influences, some in positive ways such as the fact that sales of certain products (alcohol, cigarettes, lottery) increase during times of increased inflation, interest rates and taxes, and some in negative ways, such as larger competition and social factors.

But the newsagents has survived changes in the past, and there is no sign that this is going to change, mainly because of the convenience factor that it offers nearby customers, and that fact that almost all the goods sold are price & income inelastic, due to the fact they make up small portions of peoples income.

o Mass production, the larger firms can mass produce their products reducing the fixed costs per item, making the products cheaper to manufacture.

o Bulk Buying, the larger firms can buy raw materials in bulk, reducing the costs of each item.


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