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Even young students will benefit from having a homework contract. You definitely should not have your family’s first homework contract use all the terms of the sample contract.Contracts need to be individualized to suit the needs of each family.Students who regularly complete and turn in homework assignments perform significantly better in school than those of similar ability who do not do homework (Olympia et al., 1994).

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__________Contract will be reviewed on __________to decide if any terms need to be changed.

__________(Additional term)_____________________________________________________ _________Failure by the student or parent to follow all contract terms will result in a penalty of ___________________________________________________________________ __________Following terms of the contract for a period of __________will result in an award of ____________________________________________________________________ Signed_________________________(parent) ______________________________(student) Additional Information on Homework Contracts The major purpose of a homework contract is to eliminate all the daily hassles that arise from family conflicts over when, where, and how homework is to be done.

I will get a daily/weekly signature from a parent who can verify that I practiced these subjects on a regular basis.

I understand that if I don't practice these subjects on a daily or weekly basis that my performance in class and my grades will suffer.

It is not necessary for all students to have assigned homework times in a contract.

[]).push(); if conditions (scrolling down) is met, then replace instance of that if (showing_lazy_lb_ad!How Much Time Should Students Spend on Homework The rough rule of thumb that most educators use is that students should work on homework approximately 10 minutes for each year in school.Following this rule, a second grader would spend 20 minutes on homework while a fifth grader would spend 50 minutes.


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