Homework For Grade 5

Homework For Grade 5-59
For example, interpret 3/4 as the result of dividing 3 by 4, noting that 3/4 multiplied by 4 equals 3, and that when 3 wholes are shared equally among 4 people each person has a share of size 3/4. Comparing the size of a product to the size of one factor on the basis of the size of the other factor, without performing the indicated multiplication. Explaining why multiplying a given number by a fraction greater than 1 results in a product greater than the given number (recognizing multiplication by whole numbers greater than 1 as a familiar case); explaining why multiplying a given number by a fraction less than 1 results in a product smaller than the given number; and relating the principle of fraction equivalence For example, create a story context for (1/3) ÷ 4, and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient.

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And when that happens, the best way to get around it is with more practice.

Of course, that’s really not something fifth-graders want to hear.

Measurement worksheets focus on the conversion between customary and metric units.

Place Value & Rounding Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division Order of Operations Fractions - Addition & Subtraction Fractions - Multiplication & Division Converting Fractions to Mixed Numbers & Equivalent Fractions Fractions vs.


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