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A strong business plan is the foundation of any small business, whether you’re a startup or looking to grow.While putting together facts and figures isn’t the most thrilling use of your time, especially in those exciting early startup days, it’s essential if you’re going to give your business the best chance of survival – and the best chance of growth.Select budget targets to enable ongoing monitoring of financial performance 3.1.

Identify strategies to obtain finance as required to ensure financial viability of the business The Evidence Guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole.

Calculate break-even sales point to establish business viability and profit margins 1.4.

Identify appropriate pricing strategies in relation to market conditions to meet business profit targets 1.5.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

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Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the required skills and knowledge section and the range statement.So when you’re feeling lost, confused, or things change, you can take a look at your business plan and feel empowered by the fact that you’ve GOT this – you know what you need to do and what the next stage should be.Doing a business plan forces you to run through your business in advance, rather than just skimming over things or deciding to chance them. What equipment do I need immediately, and where can I get it? Better to face up to these problems and find solutions for them now, rather than be hit when they arise in the future.Prepare cash flow projections to enable business operation in accordance with business plan and legal requirements 2.5.Identify capital investment requirements accurately for each operational period 2.6.If you are encountering issues following the content on this page please consider downloading the content in its original form This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop a financial plan to support business viability.Specific legal requirements apply to the management of a small business.Here are six reasons to create a business plan for your startup.Think of your business plan as a roadmap for your startup’s journey.It’s easy for life to get in the way when you’re starting up, especially if you’re working at the same time.Suddenly three months have passed by, and you’re not where you thought you’d be with your business – it can feel discouraging.


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