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The title presents a brilliant opportunity to commence an argument on two opposing sides that can be presented regarding the subject.On one side, the police are representatives of the government and are supposed to protect its people while police brutality involves violation of the rights of the same citizens the nation is expected to protect.However, even with the laws and regulations guarding against the violation by police officers, there are many complaints against the use of excessive force that have not been investigated.

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The piece should be concluded by summarizing the key arguments brought forward in the essay.

This can be achieved by paraphrasing the thesis statement made in the introduction.

First Body paragraph – this should discuss the definition of police brutality, what may be regarded as excessive force, as well as laws and regulations against it.

Second Body paragraph – this paragraph should highlight the factors that contribute to police brutality.

How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality Introduction – in the past, police officers were considered to be peacekeepers.

However, this has changed and they are now regarded as law enforcement officers.

Most officers do their work diligently but their priority is on making quotas as well as arresting innocent people followed by maintaining peace.

Police brutality remains to be the biggest challenge facing police agencies in America.

Most countries have enacted laws guarding against police brutality.

Under the regulations, incidents of police brutality are regarded as a very serious violation that is taken up by district attorneys.


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