How To Solve Solution Problems

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This is why college classes at top-tier universities have tests on which nearly no one clears 70%, much less gets a perfect score.

They’re training future researchers, and the whole point of research is to find and answer questions that have never been solved.

If this isn't your first company, aim a little higher on your list. Did their idea just come too soon, before the demand had matured?

Look back at companies who have failed to address this problem and figure out why they failed. If there are still some active competitors in the space, take a hard look at what they offer and at what price.

Maybe even have a friend purchase an item or use their service to see where they excel and where they fall short.

Now you have a clearly defined problem, the factor that makes you stand out among the rest and the motivation to get it done.Assume that a problem in one of your assignments instructs you to use a MATLAB function to find the sum of two numbers.You can read about the plus function in the MATLAB documentation.Using the template in the problem as your starting point, create and test this function in the Solution field: uses the assessment tests to evaluate your solution and shows whether it passed all of the tests cases.After you have a solution that passes all assessments, click Submit.You can’t learn how to do that without fighting with problems you can’t solve.If you are consistently getting every problem in a class correct, you shouldn’t be too happy—it means you aren’t learning efficiently enough. The problem with not being challenged sufficiently goes well beyond not learning math (or whatever) as quickly as you can.After you submit the solution, your instructor can view your code and see the results of the assessments for this problem.You might think you have the next big idea, but have you really done the research to see if it could be successful? Is the space full of slow-moving companies unwilling to change? If you're working hard to fulfill a need, but you hate the work, you'll just end up resenting the company and starting over.You'll see hundreds upon hundreds of companies trying to solve those emerging issues, but only a handful with the capability and drive to do so.You can even rank your list based on how big the problem is.


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