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While rate of change is often used to determine the steepness of a straight line, this formula may also be utilized to measure changes in other things. Density Conversions (multiple step problems) Problem 2: Geologists' observations suggest that the two most common rocks exposed at the surface of the Earth are granite (continental crust) and basalt (oceanic crust).To make the recipe with 8 cups of flour, how much sugar should be used?Let's call X to the number of hours painter A needs to finish the job, and Y to the number of hours painter B needs to finish the job.

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For example, if he works twice as fast as B, then Let's solve the 3 problems I started with using what we learned here. How long does it take for Worker B to finish the job if he works alone? Let's call X to the number of hours worker A needs to finish the job, and Y to the number of hours worker B needs to finish the job. We also know that when working at the same time, they need 2 hours.

So, using the formula I gave you before: Rearranging terms, we get: We conclude that B needs 6 hours to complete the job when working alone. Painters A and B can paint a wall in 10 hours when working at the same time. How long would it take to each of them to paint it if they worked alone?

Notice that we sum rates of work, just as we did with in the previous problems.

We should now use the information that says that "When pipe A and B are both on, they can fill this pool in 4 hours".

These problems look like this: Jenny takes 3 hours to sand a picnic table; Laila can do the same job in 1/2 hour. Each math worksheet is accompanied by an answer key, is printable, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Multi-Step Word Problems - Independent Practice Worksheet Solve the problems below: 1) Andrew discovered a buried treasure box.

If he needs 30 minutes (0.50 hours), then he can complete 1/0.50 = 2 jobs in one hour. Finally, given that they can complete jobs per hour; then how many hours do they take to complete one job? Notice that if someone works twice as fast as someone else then he needs half the time to finish the job; if he works 4 times as fast, then he needs 1/4 the time to finish the job, and so on.

Thereofore, if X is the number of hours worker A needs to finish a job, and Y is the number of hours worker B needs to finish a job, then the statement "Worker A works N times faster than worker B" is "translated" as . When working at the same time as Worker B, they can finish the job in 2 hours.

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Actually, they are quite simple once you know how to set up the appropiate equation or system of equations.


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