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As soon as the allocated time finishes, I had to stop doing it, send it to my supervisor to correct and move on to the next one.As I did this, I was able to finish chapter 2 and 3 within 21 days.Somehow, I had half of it ready in the next 10 days.

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However, as more and more pages were being written, I was regaining my confidence a bit (internally I was still in a rollercoaster of varied emotions of guilt and anger).I finished mine in 3 months (out of which I procrastinated for 1.5 months writing the Introduction chapter, so frankly leaving me just 1.5 months to finish). Introduction (including literature survey) 2 and 3 - Results and Discussion 4 - Experimental Before I started writing, most of my Chapter 2 3 were already written as I had a detailed report on the results which I had to submit as part of my MPhil to Ph D transfer viva and yearly reports.Also, I didn't have to worry much about my Chapter 4 as I had compiled the experimental data (spectral details mainly) already while submitting the papers.All of this accelerated activity had taken a toll on me, with me just going home for dinner.Some days I didn't go home and used to grab food from nearby store and get back to work.I moved on to the dreadful chapter 1, and just started writing even if it was not perfect.I realized later that the reason I was procrastinating was because I wanted my thesis to be perfect from the point I start writing. If there are some words on the paper, then only there is a possibility of refining it further and polishing it to near perfection.I used to search and collect the relevant papers and just continue reading them, making mental points to include certain portions of it in my introduction chapter.I had the overall picture, but none if it was on paper.Going to Oxford to present my research work in between did help lifting my spirits up, but it vanished after a few days of returning home.After 1.5 months of this cycle, I realised I wouldn't be able to finish on time, considering my fellowship would be ending soon. Even though they were written, but they still needed to be moulded to become a part of my thesis.


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