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It all happened during one sunny and fine Saturday on the twenty fifth of May two thousand and three when l woke up to the most annoying voice in the whole world that of my crony Matt who was barking and shouting all over face.

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Just then she turned her ugly face to me and said, "What is your name handsome"? I remember her slowly turning and saying, "the strong silent type huh?

" Just then the grin was off her face as she asked us, "do you have the money boys"?

There are currently more than 4 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and now in Eastern Europe. World Vision has been actively working with refugees in Lebanon since May 2011, and over these past four years, we have reached approximately 2 million refugees, internally displaced people, and vulnerable host community members with assistance, including basics like food, water and sanitation, and healthcare.

To help protect vulnerable refugee children like Ibrahim, we’ve set up Child-Friendly Spaces, where children can recover and play in a safe environment; we hold remedial education classes to help children stay in school instead of working; and we provide economic assistance to families, which helps children not have to work.

There l remember fully waking up after the cold water roughly touched my face.

After slowly completing my morning chores, l set out to conquer the kitchen.

I told them that it might be difficult for me to join. It turned out that they were preparing a small surprise to celebrate my birthday.

I promised to join them at night, as I had to work in the Bekaa Valley that morning.

Thank God I had another colleague who was able to lead the way and find the agricultural land where the children work, as it was located in a very isolated area. Then he approached the child and pulled him roughly by his ear until it turned as red as a tomato. ” He kneeled on the floor and cried, once, twice, until his mother came to him saying, “Ibrahim honey, do not cry.” She spoke quietly. She is not allowed to leave work for more than 30 seconds; otherwise her child will be hit on the back. I needed my mind to stay alert so I could record all of the details that will help me tell the world about this violation of children’s rights. His eyes looked down as though he’d committed a sin. I ran to my room, put my face on the pillow, and could not stop crying. The memory of my 27th birthday celebration has faded, but the images of those children working in the field and being beaten by a stick are seared in my memory forever.

During those few minutes while Ibrahim was crying, the land owner shared something with me. I asked him to raise his head and know that he is a hero. Now I understand why so many families are risking their lives to flee to Europe.


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