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However, currently it is estimated that the group has spread its wings in more than 70 countries, while according to other estimates the group is establishing itself in more than 100 countries.

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Some of the militant groups transform into political groups and accept democracy.

On the other side, some other militant groups do not undergo transformation but gets affiliated to international terrorist organizations and religious fundamentalist groups.

The literature has also assessed whether the Muslim Brotherhood Group can be considered as a Fundamentalist Faction.

This paper has attempted to trace the development of the literature on the subject as they had been written by the authors and published in due course of time.

Muslim Brotherhood The Society of the Muslim Brothers or the Muslim Brotherhood was founded by Hasan al-Banna in the year 1928.

Hasan was a scholar and schoolteacher born in Egypt.It is not a must for a brother to be a person related by blood.It can extend to a person who acquires brotherhood status by being part of a group that shares the same interest.The brotherhood’s ambitions were shaped by the existing political and social scenario.It was during mid 1980s, that the brotherhood spread its activities and asserted its presence in different facets of public life.English Brotherhood Being a brother is more than just a given for the sake of it.It means the willingness to sacrifice, become selfless, with an endless, unrestricted affection for one another.He was born to a local sheikh in Cairo, and his father instilled in him “classical and traditional religious learning and piety” (Wickham, 21). He made this his mission, and the way he chose was to preach and teach the Islamic ideals and concepts both to the young people and their parents.In the following years, he established himself as a powerful and intensely effective orator with the skill to spread his message.These laborers approached him, and requested him to become their leader.The name of the group as Muslim Brotherhood was selected by Hasan since all the member of the brotherhood was primarily dedicated towards the service of Islam (Wickham, 21).


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