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Explain to the reader how you'll be able to prove or disprove the hypothesis that you set out with through the course of your research.

Talk about any particular relevant issues that could affect the course of the research, or any basic questions or problems that people might have regarding the topic and how you'll go about your research process.

Following these explanatory sections, dissertation introductions should present the research questions the report will attempt to answer and the researcher's hypotheses regarding the outcomes to those questions.

If the thesis is reporting the researcher's originally-designed study, the report introduction will outline the limitations of the study—aspects of the study's methodology or procedure that prevent the results from being generalized to the entire group the participants represent—and the assumptions of the study—aspects of the research that the research assumes is evident and accepted.

Hence the focus on productivity and job satisfaction in small firms, especially under ADA-threshold size, compared to increasingly larger employers.

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Exhaustive definitions of productivity and job satisfaction are about as elusive as…

This statement should tell the reader what the topic of the project is and what you hope to achieve.

Next, you can talk about the background of the project. Within what greater historical context does your research exist?

he introduction chapter of your dissertation or thesis is the one in which you establish basic information and goals that the reader will need to understand moving forward.

Such things as the background of your research, how you came to research your topic, what your topic is, how the topic relates to the world around it, and what kind of general principles and methodology you'll be using to research your topic and evaluate your hypothesis are all examples of what you'll cover in the introduction chapter.


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