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Josh Rubenstein, LAPD public information director and lecturer in CSUN’s Department of Criminology and Justice Studies, was the moderator of the event.

“Last year in the County of Los Angeles, 809 people died from homelessness. This is not just a policing problem, but a societal problem.” After an hour and a half of questioning, the event was over and people lined up to get their book bags in the lobby.

They typically last one to two hours, and not all the questions are about immigration; we usually get queries about chronic quality-of-life or crime problems specific to that particular neighborhood.

Our first and foremost message as police is that the LAPD is not responsible for, nor has the authority to, enforce federal civil immigration laws used to detain and remove undocumented immigrants from the United States.

Our biggest issues right now are burglary theft for motor vehicles and personal theft.

Those two alone comprises almost 60 percent of crimes in the valley.” Pitcher spoke for another 10 minutes in his opening remarks about statistics and general things to know about the San Fernando Valley area.


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