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This story is a Gedankenexperiment for the worst-case scenario, a modern-day story of Job, all about how you can find spirituality and the meaning of life in the throes of all that is horrible and terrible in the world today.It is by surviving and making sense of all that goes wrong in the world, that uncovers the meaning of man.The details of cannibalism and savagery are gruesome.

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At a higher level, the Tiger is Pi’s primal self, the orangutan represents universal love—as demonstrated by a protective mother, the brutal hyena is the malevolent cook who is the shadow, and the timid zebra is a young sailor with a broken leg, which represents the innocence of youth and the first to die. However, the most important component of the self is the raft, which represents his faith.

It is something that he has to construct by himself to be effective.

Now, here’s the masterstroke of innovation—Lee decided to embrace 3D, even after a relatively fruitless foray into special effects with franchise.

Here’s why it was a spectacularly gutsy move to rely so heavily on computer graphics—3D has always lent a subtle artificial quality to imagery that prevents the suspension of disbelief.

In this story, you could see the entire story as an abandonment by God; but at the same time, it becomes evident that God was actually present at every moment.

And in the end, he realizes that Richard Parker is actually his savior.

The moral of the story is pretty clear and revealed at the end when Pi is forced to tell an alternate version of the story to Japanese investigators—with a sailor with a broken leg, a French cook, Pi, and Pi’s mother.

Eventually, we realize that the zebra is the sailor, the hyena is the cook, and the orangutan is Pi’s mother, and the tiger, Richard Parker, is actually Pi.

When the freighter carrying the family hits a storm, the stage is set for the main act—Pi is left adrift on a 26-foot lifeboat, lost in the Pacific Ocean, in the company of a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker—all vying in a grim competition for survival.

It should be noted that this project has long been considered unfilmable due to the concept, as a long line of directors (including M.


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