Literature Review On Climate Change

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Because it's a cycle/oscillation, it tends to have little impact on long-term temperature changes, with the effects of La Niña cancelling out those of El Niño.The systematic literature review included a comprehensive search of the literature, collection and incorporation of information submitted by the public, screening and assessment of the eligibility of the collected literature, and synthesis of the collected literature.Authors were provided with detailed guidance, including Information Quality Act (), developed an updated (2012–2014) Health Sector Literature Review and Bibliography as part of the larger literature review for the 2014 NCA.The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an oceanic cycle which alternates between El Niño and La Niña phases.El Niño tends to shift heat from the oceans to the air, causing surface warming (but ocean cooling), whereas La Niña acts in the opposite manner.There are other effects, but GHGs and SO2 are the two largest human influences, and solar and volcanic activity and ENSO are the dominant natural influences on global temperature.Now let's see what the scientific literature has to say about the relative influences of each effect. (2000) used an "optimal detection methodology" with global climate model simulations to try and match the observational data.The literature review guidance provided to authors required consideration of the following criteria for each source of information used in the assessment: The Supporting Evidence sections of each chapter include “Traceable Accounts” for the Key Findings.The Traceable Accounts identify the key studies for explaining a particular issue or answering a particular question, and which form the basis of support for Key Findings.This allows human aerosol emissions to have a long-term impact on temperatures, as long as we keep burning these fuels.However, because aerosols have a number of different effects (including directly by blocking sunlight, and indirectly by seeding clouds, which both block sunlight and increase the greenhouse effect), the magnitude of their cooling effect is one of the biggest remaining uncertainties in climate science.


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