Marijuana Research Paper Outline

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The only way this can take place is even further documentation and government regulation regarding restriction, proper training of medical professionals and more empirical studies to determine which cases should be considered for treatment. If you need some help with your annotated bibliography, then the following annotated bibliography on legalizing medical marijuana can help you write you get started.

It lists all of the sources used and then analyzes how they can be used to form a coherent argument.

Because of the addictive and regulatory nature of marijuana, it should nonetheless be closely monitored.

Grinspoon (1997) argued that there were neurological bases for addiction to THC.

Note that the sources are not just websites with biased and anecodtal data; instead, the sources reflect great information that is reviewed by other scholars.

See below for yourself and remember that these sources are cited using APA format.https:// Clark takes a thorough look at the situation of the legalization of medical marijuana.Published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, book offered research guidelines and protocols when studying the use of medical marijuana.The author argued that a wide range of diverse studies such as surveys, open ended questions and fill in the blanks need to be used to get a full understanding of the consequences of using Marijuana.In doing so, Clark first cited the historical background of medical marijuana from a legal perspective according to DEA compliance policies and the enforcement of it.Evidence surrounding the medical uses of the drug was cited from notable physicians who have undergone studies.For instance, the case study of O’Brien et al (2002) epitomizes an anecdote where marijuana has been the only form of treatment to resolve psychotic behavior among youths.Moreover, Pro Con (2009) offered evidence that numerous medical professionals support using medical marijuana in specific cases because it would be a more effective form of treatment.Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce psychotic behavior, nausea, pain and other ailments.However, despite studies that support this, the federal government has been apprehensive in approving the drug for retail use, albeit some states have been able to bypass this.Marijuana use may have unintended sociological consequences by promoting drug use.Therefore, because this treatment is not appropriate for all patients, misuse and abuse should be carefully monitored. If you are not familiar with it, an annotated bibliography is a writing assignment that asks you to list all of your academic or peer reviewed sources and its relevance for your own work.


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