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Her narration in paragraph 27 after Joe Louis was announced as the champion of the world “A black boy. He was the strongest man in the world”showed how the group felt about what had just happened.Joe Louis just won a boxing match against a white boy. Both authors come from a diverse culture, but both face the same harsh society of the American culture and beliefs.

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Her quotes about what was being said on the radio made you feel like you were right there listening to the fight yourself. OTHER METHODS besides narration, Angelou also relies heavily on the method of Description.

Analyze how narration depends on description in paragraph 27 alone.

Angelou's successful acting career included roles in numerous plays, films, and television programs, such as in the television mini-series Roots in 1977.

Her screenplay Georgia, Georgia (1972) was the first original script by a black woman to be produced.

Maya Angelou and Amy Tan discuss religious problems and culture differences in there literature.

The authors have captured these differences by there past experiences of friends and family.

Angelou and Tan both have a very unique writing ability and style in there short stories.

Angelou feels different in the short story of "Champion of the World" because she is a young African American girl in a white society fighting racism and segregation.

Angelou does an excellent job explaining the winner and telling about the emotions the crowd had afterwards.

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