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Mcat Essays Graded-2
The series covers not only the straight facts and theories you will need to master but formulae and equations as well.Unlike regular study guides, you can use this one on the run or while biking, on your commute without having to lug a heavy book around, or anywhere else where you won’t stick out for wearing headphones.To help you ace the test, we rounded up the best MCAT prep books to buy today.

Just under 200 pages, this guide includes everything you need to know to plan an MCAT study strategy that will work for you.

The book provides information on what to expect when you register for the test, the best other books or classes you should purchase based on your learning style, and how to build a successful study group and individual study plan.

For that, you will need to remain cool, calm, and collected for the duration of the exam.

The best way to ensure that you can do so is to make sure you master test-taking strategies, and this book from Test Prep Books emphasizes those test-taking strategies that will keep you sane come exam day.

The books include study plans, 3D illustrations, and diagrams of complex scientific topics, over 2,450 practice questions (including three full-length practice MCATs), 24 “quick sheets” that outline the vital things to remember from each prep section, and a detailed study guide for the four sections of the test.

While mastering the subject matter on the MCAT is absolutely vital, it is not enough to ensure a test-taker receives a perfect or near-perfect score.

In addition to the helpful review they provide, they also offer more practice tests than any other guide on this list.

The science review sections stand out for their conceptual presentation rather than just providing a list of things that individuals should memorize.

However, their depth and summation of the subject reviews put them a cut above the rest if you want to be sure you have mastered each knowledge area you will need to know on test day.

The Princeton Review guide includes extensive and helpful glossaries to help you navigate the thick books, as well as helpful chapter reviews that will provide a great reference when you are looking to re-review before exam day.


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