Mla Handbook For Writers Of Research Papers 7th Ed

Please note: Some examples illustrate Camden-Carroll Library's recommendations and should be viewed as modifications to the official MLA guidelines.From the Publisher: The MLA Handbook is published by the Modern Language Association, the authority on MLA documentation style.

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Some required Cornerstone textbooks provide tips on how to use MLA style.

MLA style was created by the Modern Language Association of America.

Direct quotations generally appear in quotation marks and end with a citation.

Works Cited List: Contains details on ALL the sources cited in a text or essay, and supports your research and/or premise.

This guide focuses on the MLA style of documenting sources used in a paper or other assignment and contains numerous examples, mostly from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Proper documentation requires that you acknowledge sources within your paper.MLA style is a set of guidelines for written communications, such as research papers.That is why (through the seventh edition) the formatting of MLA papers has been based on publishing conventions for manuscripts rather than.Plagiarism: Taking, using, and passing off as your own, the ideas or words of another.Quoting: The copying of words of text originally published elsewhere.It is a good idea to maintain a working bibliography of sources with citation details like author, title, publisher, page numbers, and so on.Later, the working bibliography can be converted to the Works Cited page after you decide which sources you will actually use for the project.The access date is added to the end of citations for all websites except library databases. Citing: The process of acknowledging the sources of your information and ideas.In-Text Citation: A brief note at the point in your paper where information is used from a source to indicate where the information came from.Widely adopted in high schools, colleges, and publishing houses, the MLA Handbook treats every aspect of research writing, from selecting a topic to submitting the completed paper.The seventh edition is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to research and writing in the online environment. Nicholls -- Note on the Web component -- Chapter 1: Research And Writing -- 1-1: Research paper as a form of exploration -- 1-2: Research paper as a form of communication -- 1-3: Selecting a topic -- 1-3-1: Freedom of choice -- 1-3-2: Finding an appropriate focus -- 1-3-3: Summing up -- 1-4: Conducting research -- 1-4-1: Modern academic library -- 1-4-2: Library research sources -- 1-4-3: Central information system -- 1-4-4: Reference works -- 1-4-5: Online catalog of library holdings -- 1-4-6: Full-text databases -- 1-4-7: Other library resources and services -- 1-4-8: Web sources -- 1-4-9: Summing up -- 1-5: Compiling a working bibliography -- 1-5-1: Keeping track of sources -- 1-5-2: Creating a computer file for the working bibliography -- 1-5-3: Recording essential publication information -- 1-5-4: Noting other useful information -- 1-5-5: Verifying publication information -- 1-5-6: Converting the working bibliography to the works-cited list -- 1-5-7: Summing up -- 1-6: Evaluating sources -- 1-6-1: Authority -- 1-6-2: Accuracy and verifiability -- 1-6-3: Currency -- 1-6-4: Summing up -- 1-7: Taking notes -- 1-7-1: Methods of note-taking -- 1-7-2: Types of note-taking -- 1-7-3: Recording page or reference numbers -- 1-7-4: Using a computer for note-taking -- 1-7-5: Amount and accuracy of note-taking -- 1-7-6: Summing up -- 1-8: Outlining -- 1-8-1: Working outline -- 1-8-2: Thesis statement -- 1-8-3: Final outline -- 1-8-4: Summing up -- 1-9: Writing drafts -- 1-9-1: First draft -- 1-9-2: Subsequent drafts -- 1-9-3: Writing with a word processor -- 1-9-4: Final draft and the research project portfolio -- 1-9-5: Summing up -- 1-10: Language and style.


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