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The key to effective intervention is targeted, timely communication with students, providing important feedback at critical points during the semester.

” Demarest also assigns the Dynamic Study Modules, which are questions that continuously assess student performance and activity, using data and analytics to provide personalized feedback in real-time to reinforce concepts that target the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Dynamic Study Modules give her students additional practice in the areas where they struggle the most.

Three exams and a final exam are given throughout the semester; exams are pencil and paper and are a combination of multiple choice questions and open-ended problems.

The multiple choice questions are pulled from the Pearson test bank and Demarest creates the open-ended problems herself, crafted to be similar to questions on the My Accounting Lab homework assignments.

On the end-of-semester student survey, 96 percent of students said they received emails from Demarest about their progress on My Accounting Lab homework assignments and in the course in general, and 100 percent of those students agreed or strongly agreed that they appreciated receiving these emails from Demarest, identifying their course success or need for one-on-one assistance.

Students are actually very relationship-oriented and appreciate the personal attention, as identified by this comment, typical of those on Demarest’s end of semester student reviews: “[Demarest] cares about me more than other professors I have had, and noticed how I was doing all semester.” The following is a sample student response after receiving an email from Demarest expressing her concern over a recent quiz grade, where she offered specific suggestions about how the student can move forward, given that the same material will appear on the upcoming midterm exam: “I re-read through the text before taking the quiz.

Course learning objectives include: Noting a high withdrawal and failure rate in their Principles of Accounting course, Demarest and her colleagues determined that homework completion was a critical formative assessment missing from their students’ course preparation.

Homework was assigned, but not graded; because of this, many students were simply not completing the assignments.

As a student stated on the end-of-semester survey, “I liked the explanations they had with every question you would get wrong [in the Dynamic Study Modules]; it was easy to realize what I needed to study for.” Additionally, 81 percent of students on the end-of-semester survey said the Dynamic Study Modules helped them learn and remember chapter content.

These are mastery-based and required, so students generally complete them all.


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