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That might happen or not, But, if you are also still interested in the topic and want to continue to extend it, you can contact the authors also, both congratulating them and pointing to your earlier work. Everyone has access to the same background and many people are thinking along the same lines. In your case, who want to read your thesis need to overcome the hurdle of contacting your former school or library.That, along with a suggestion of collaboration in the future. I'll also note that Newton and Leibniz had the same sort of issue, with Newton's early work left "in a drawer". theses are on Michigan microfiche and are readily abstracted, searchable, etc. (I would suggest putting your thesis on Ar Xiv if you hope somebody to read it). And even publications in lower rank conferences are largely ignored, as .

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In mathematics at least it is not uncommon that the omission of a key reference be corrected in an erratum, which may also help clarify the accompanying issue of priority. But the bottom line is people don't really read them or cite them enough. Nowadays, there are just too many papers to read, and the junk/predatory journals/conferences make the problem worse. But there is also reward on it, otherwise people just goes for easy venue to avoid rejections.

Assuming that this approach is not entirely field specific, the course of action would be to contact the authors, indicate your priority, provide links to (if available) and bibliographic information on your thesis, and suggest that they submit a short erratum clarifying this. I have even had a collaborator of mine (buddy of my advisor) publish experiments that duplicated something in my thesis (several years later). But bottom line, lots of people don't look at or consider Ph. So a strategy to optimize the time is to read only papers in well-known conferences, and hope that the authors did a good job in their related work (in good papers, they often do). In my field, Computer Science, a Ph D student is expected to publish a couple of papers in order to graduate.

I recently found a published paper that pretty much does the same things that I did for my thesis.

It makes the same modifications to the existing method and comes to the same conclusions.

These small or large scale self-formed temporary communication networks will allow the users (victims) to be able to use their smart phones to form such a network and to communicate with each other, to receive first aid, to locate people and to save lives.

WMN possess all the necessary features to help in such cases.

But don't make a claim that the new work isn't "novel" since it truly is if done independently as seems to be the case. Perhaps, you should look at this question: What's the point of Ph D theses if nobody reads them?

The one thing you might possibly get is a note, pointing to your thesis, hence to you, that the same ground was covered in an unpublished dissertation. People do not read theses even when they are publicly accessible.

My thesis is however not mentioned or cited in the paper. Once you think about the problem, those modifications are very natural. As said above, I was never really interested in publishing my thesis, but now that I saw the paper I was thinking: "I was reading your paper and wanted to share that I found something similar to you in my unpublished thesis from 2014, thought this might be of interest to you: (link to or attachment containing thesis)" No accusations (they've done nothing wrong), nothing combative like contacting an editor (which would imply they did something wrong).

There is nothing they need to change with their original paper, but if they do future work to follow up they can now consider citing your work.


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