New Deal Success Essay

To better understand the New Deal, it must be investigated from all sides. You will be exploring and deconstructing the New Deal through this site and the materials that is included within it.When you are done, you should be able to explain and deconstruct the New Deal, from multiple perspectives.The Great Depression began on October 1929 and became the worst economic crisis in US history.

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Yet the programs of the New Deal kept people hopeful and willing to pursue democracy further.

Also there were programs of public works like the Tennessee Valley Authority that built dams and provide power to a region even today.

Photographs are small moments in time that can leave a deep seeded impression.

Consider this idea as you further explore the website and gather information, leading you to understand the matter at hand from more that one lens.

Through analyzing and deconstructing the information from each tab, students will have the chance to unlock the mystery behind the New Deal by either creating a Venn-Diagram that compares and contrasts what you learned from the evidence on this site with what you are told in your textbook, or by embodying the mind of a middle class American citizen during the New Deal and writing an essay describing whether you believe that the New Deal was a positive or negative for America and the American people.

The following essay provides the aspiring Chicago Metro History Fair participant with some background, perspectives, and sources on New Deal art.In the initial stages of the New Deal, many of the programs were deemed to be unconstitutional and discontinued right away.Even seeming long term successes like Social Security, seem to be on their last legs as we start to close in on the one hundred year anniversary of its beginning.Many of these programs were created specifically to help to get people back to work and restore faith in government.The new deal can be looked at as both a failure and as a success because of the long term effect on the country.These people openly and honestly state their dislike and distrust of FDR and the New Deal, and shed a brand new light onto the subject at hand.These sources are excellent examples of multiple perspectives on a common (and often misunderstood) issue.They portray a side of the American public during the New Deal that saw it as a savage and money-hungry government imposition as opposed to a positive and life-changing establishment.These cartoons serve as a visual representation of the New Deals’ opposition.All over the world, economic problems led to the rise of despots like Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy.The United States could have come under the influence of a fascist dictator without too much trouble.


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