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In 2010, Oxford’s first TV pilot, which borrowed liberally from her own life, was purchased by CBS.It wasn’t picked up, but she’s knocked out several pilots since then, and inked a deal last month with Hulu to write a ’90s teen comedy that James Franco and Seth Rogen will produce.

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She’s thinking about directing approached her to work on a talk show that would bring to television the conversations she’s provoked on Twitter.

“It would be real people talking about what it’s like to be Muslim in America, or what it’s like to be trans—real people telling real stories,” Oxford says.

The danger of opening up to an audience, though, is that there’s always more to reveal.

In mid-January, Oxford posted a photo on Instagram of her husband and their three children, with a caption that read, “Late last fall James and I mutually split up…. “We just assumed Hillary would win, and we’d planned it and it was just the right day, and James left, and the election started turning, and I was like, this can’t all be happening at once,” she says.

“And I honestly think because of the way Trump framed it, as a no-big-deal-ha-ha-ha thing, some of the shame I felt around being assaulted dissipated.

If they were willing to laugh about it, then I was willing to say, no, fuck you about it.” Oxford spoke with the , CBS, MSNBC and PBS; she felt a responsibility not just to amply the conversation on Twitter but to ensure it was being covered on other platforms, as well.

In December, she brought home a French bulldog named Calvin.

She tells me, “I’m excited about what comes next.” So what exactly does “next” look like?

The response to #notokay was swift and enormous: Women began tweeting about their assaults at a rate of two per second.

A week later, more than 40 million people had read her tweets and offered their own accounts.


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