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Staying motivated can be hard, but there are many benefits worth fighting for: If you google “essay writers needed,” you will receive a giant wave of links coming your way.As freelance writing gains popularity, more and more websites appear that offer essay writing online jobs.If you’re fast and want to put in a lot of hours, you might earn a few thou a month. There are a ton of essay sites out there that make this seem like a legitimate freelance writing niche. Check out how one essay site pitches writers: Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Let’s have a look at the qualities you need to possess to get paid to write essays online. If it’s more than half, then you are likely to be an awesome academic writer.

If it’s less then four, well, you will probably need a lot of motivation to cover up for skills you are missing for now, but nothing is impossible, right?

Should you be a second Shakespeare in disguise, waiting to unleash your talent?

Or, maybe, you need an IQ similar to Stephen Hawking to write something similar to “A Brief History of Time”?

Essay sites are never going to refer you a better client and cut themselves out of the deal.

Even if you could get permission to put ghosted essays in your portfolio — which would be unlikely — you can’t use these samples without outing yourself as a writer without scruples, who’s just in it for a quick buck, no matter who it hurts. The only place it leads you is to getting more essay work from the same website you signed on with.” Or are you here to light up the world with your writing talent? If you’ve been caught up in the academic writing treadmill, there’s no time like the present to leave this ethical swamp behind, and move into doing more legitimate gigs — articles, case studies, Web content.That’s how you end up finding better clients and earning more.Nearly any business adviser or article on how to earn a fortune will suggest that you should envision your dream, and use the power of imagination to motivate your brain to work for a long-term goal.This is especially true for freelance essay writing jobs, which implies that you don’t have any KPIs or other metrics to regulate your performance.Pass the registration on our site and start your career.Have you ever considered picking a part-time job to earn some extra cash while sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair and listening to the rain patting on the exterior window sill?Here are the three things you need to build a great freelance writing portfolio and begin commanding professional rates: With academic writing, you get none of the above.You’re ghostwriting for someone who’s not going to give you a testimonial and risk getting themselves expelled.But here’s my reply: If you’re a writer hoping to get some respect for all your hard work ghosting essays, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Academic writing hurts your career, right along with the academic career of the students who pay you.Ask yourself this: Do you really want your writing legacy to be: “At least I didn’t get caught?


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