Patriot Act 4th Amendment Essay

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Next, the paper delves into the subject of roving wiretaps, shortly followed by a deliberation on the topic of infinite detention of non U. Although the exceptionally simple process the government goes through to acquire citizens’ personal information is not explicitly described in this paper, much explanation has been done elsewhere. The practice of data mining is one of the most disputed abilities the Patriot Act entails, likely due to it being a blatant invasion of privacy and apparently unconstitutional. government does not consider seizing this information to be a search or seizure, so this practice is unchallengeable by the fourth amendment.If interested in how the government is so easily gleaning all of this information please see the cited sources by any of the following authors: Gina Stevens, Charles Doyle, Daniel J. Data mining is a process in which massive amounts of information on American citizens are collected by looking at internet history to determine personal information such as political affiliation and sexual orientation among other personal factoids as well as tracking the location of citizens. By doing this, the government manages to collect enough information on each citizen to construct personal profiles, which they use to compare to personal profiles of past terrorists to predict acts of terrorism in the future.

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While this legislation directly contradicts the fourth amendment, it has saved many lives.

The far-reaching powers of the Patriot Act have actually allowed our country to apprehend many criminals who otherwise would likely have gotten away with their crimes.

All of this data is analyzed only by computer programs, rather than human eyes, which may seem to lessen the invasion of privacy.

However, privacy is defined as “the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in ones private life or affairs”, which is the opposite of what is occurring as a result of data mining (

If obtaining as much information as possible on citizens in order to establish explicatory profiles is not a disturbance in one’s private life, then it is impossible to determine what it is.

Patriot Act 4th Amendment Essay

Data mining even stands in direct opposition to the first amendment to the United States Constitution.This is a wild extrapolation because nothing about my mother aligns her with past terrorists, except maybe her religious affiliation.If this categorical information is what causes my mother to be identified as a possible threat, then the process of as data mining, as well as the Patriot Act, is unconstitutional and stands in opposition to the first amendment of the United States Constitution.Although the Patriot Act is extreme legislation, it has helped our country in some instances.Information sharing, enabled by the Patriot Act, has helped prevent terrorism in our nation but is far too invasive to be maintained as a practice.The issue at hand is how much of our personal privacy are we, as American citizens, willing to leverage in return for security, as well as a much greater question: how much personal freedom is actually worth leveraging for security?In the words of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of our nation, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" (Moncur).Also, wiretapping no longer links to one device, so government agencies can now legally tap every single form of communication that a person of interest is using (Abramson and Godoy).Perhaps the most shocking facet of the Patriot Act is that it permits indefinite detention, even if the offender is not a terrorist (How the Anti-Terrorism Bill Permits Indefinite Detention of Immigrants).The investigation involved more than a dozen organizations working together jointly to detain Faris.As an FBI agent (who risks his life everyday to protect our country and its citizens) said, "The Faris case would not have happened without sharing information. Without information sharing, Faris may never have been incarcerated, in which case many people would have died in the destrcution of the bridge.


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