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The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) specialty is designed to help you prepare to become an advanced practice nurse who can provide care for children from birth to 21 years.Since 1965, PNPs have worked with pediatricians and other health care providers to provide comprehensive care to children and families by focusing on health maintenance and education, illness prevention and minor and chronic illness management.Please contact the College of Nursing and Health at (937) 775-3954 to speak with someone about post-master’s training.

Practicum experiences take place in outpatient primary care and specialty settings.

These experiences offer the opportunity for students to provide individualized and culturally competent advanced practice nursing care to children within the context of their families.

This concentration provides a broad theoretical and research foundation in advanced concepts of parent, child, and adolescent nursing.

Clinical experiences occur across a variety of settings and focus on providing care to well and ill children.

Please see sample curriculum plan for full-time student.

If desired, this concentration can be designed as a hybrid concentration, allowing for most courses to be taken online.Coursework aligned with clinical experiences specific to specialization focus provides the knowledge, skills, and values inherent in the development of clinical excellence as a PNP.You will have course assignments and clinical experiences specific to the primary care area.As a PNP, you will be qualified to perform complete physical exams, take health histories, diagnose and treat common acute minor illnesses or injuries, order and interpret lab results and x-rays, manage stable chronic illness, counsel clients and provide health education.Many may prescribe medications according to state law.Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (referred to as PPCNPs, CPNP-PCs, or PNPs) are primary care providers who offer preventative health services, health education, and disease management to the pediatric population.They specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing illness for acutely ill and chronically ill children.Students can only begin classes summer or fall term.Individualized plans, including part-time, will be developed on admission by the director of the concentration.All CONH required documents should be sent directly to the CONH.Kent State's Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner master's concentration will prepare you to provide comprehensive primary health care in an outpatient setting for newborns through late adolescence.


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