Phd Thesis On Medical Image Segmentation

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These images thus obtained can be used to diagnose certain internal problems in the body.

It can be used to locate tumors, counting cells, study internal body structure.

There are two important specifications in machine vision – sensitivity and resolution.

Biometrics – Biometrics is a term to denote the process used for identification and access control.

Mainly there are two types of biometric identifiers – a physiological identifier and a behavioral identifier.

Medical Imaging – Image Segmentation finds its application in medical imaging to visually represent the internal structure of the body using 2D and 3D images.

There are other analysis tasks where the regions might be sets of border pixels clubbed into such structures like circular arc segments and line segments in images of 3D industrial objects.

Regions are also defined as groups of pixels having a particular shape with borders such as a triangle, circle or polygon.

The foremost step in most of the biometric systems is image segmentation.

This technology is mainly used to correctly verify the identity of a person.


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