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During the proposal stage, you have to:the project in front of an audience of peers (if this is not done at this stage, it iscertainly done at the confirmation stage).If the proposal is accepted, you have to write a document that satisfies the requirements of confirmation.The purpose of this helpsheet is to give an honest appraisal of the value of doing a Ph D.

The confirmation stage must occur within twelve months of enrolment.

It requires you to complete a sizable document (the exact size varies but usually around 20 or more pages).

However, completion of a Ph D is the ultimate achievement for most students.

Indeed, it counts as admission to a fairly select “club”.

It generally takes three to four years to complete.

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Some students never finish and abandon the project. A doctoral degree is usually done entirely by research, with a supervisor (or supervisors) as the main supervisors for the project. Some Ph Ds involve additional coursework subjects concluding with a smaller research project.

While the aim of the seminar is to be encouraging, its purpose is also to expose weaknesses in the proposed thesis. Practising and preparing the seminar well before the due day is crucial.

It is important to know the subject area well, prepare answers to expected questions and be clear about what your proposed thesis will do (that has not been done in the existing literature).

Confirmation of the admission to the Ph D is granted after one year providing satisfactory progress is maintained, and all requirements have been met. It might involve frequent trips overseas collecting data, doing endless interviews, or collecting data from surveys.

It might also involve doing empirical or statistical tests, “crunching numbers”, and drawing lots of diagrams, graphs and tables (although not all theses involve this; someare more “theoretical” in nature).


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