Pollution Problems In Essay

Pollution Problems In Essay-86
Read this essay to learn about Environmental Pollution. Such effects may change the structure of the com­munity making it less diverse. In some instances pollution tolerant species may increase in number as its competitor has been harmed by the same pollutant. Pollution affects not only the individual organism directly by weakening or killing it, but it also affects the population and ecosystem.

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The debris escapes onto roadways and the emissions are sent into the air we breathe.

According to Keep America Beautiful, toxic pollution from plastics contributes over 19% of roadside waste.

Let’s be clear about petroleum-based plastics: They pollute our planet on a massive scale.

When plastics are sent to landfills and incinerators they don’t just disappear.

Rivers of our country like Ganga, Jamuna, Hooghly, Godawari, Cauvery, etc., which were once very pure in their waters, are polluted to the extent of 70%.

Realizing the importance, the Government has now started several projects to clean the waters of these rivers in phases to make them free from pollutants.

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous and common kind of environmental pollution that is reported in most industrial towns and metropolitan cities of our country and abroad such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Firozabad, Agra and also in London, New York, Tokyo, Pittsburg, etc.

The importance of air pollution can be estimated by a calculated fact that air constitutes nearly 80 per cent of man’s daily intake by weight.

A man breathes about 22,000 times a day inhaling about 16 kg of air.

Classification of Air Pollutants: Air pollutants may occur in gaseous or particulate form and may be organic or inorganic in nature.


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