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I was tempted to just let them write their letters on blank paper, but our staff has been discussing the need to teach children proper letter formation from the very beginning to avoid illegible printing later. By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Educlime’s AMAZING resources, be sure to checkout their website! Introduce the Concept with a Story I read them this book first to introduce the concept of where the letters should be on the lines, and then I showed them how to write the first few letters on lined paper using the document camera do that everyone could see.As the children gave it their first try, we had some success.

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Kids can practice their writing skills with a variety of ruled paper with different themes, colors, ruled, blank and fun seasonal paper.

Use the printable blank paper to draw pictures or to print special projects on.

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And if you don’t keep after them to use their best printing on every single assignment, they will likely understand that nice printing is for the letter writing test ONLY!

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So in order to make things a bit easier, I remind them of certain things right before they begin writing a letter.I managed to find one rather realistic picture of the sky, grass, and dirt with lines on it to get us started.Then I found another with just blue, green, and brown and the lines on it,and then I made my own large format (8.5” x 11”) page in black and white with just the lines on it and nothing else.Give Kids Time to Learn the Names of the Sections and Lines Whole Group I printed these three pictures out and put them in page protectors and showed the whole class the next day. You start here when you make capital letters.” I have always referred to the middle line as the fence. We start many lower case letters here.” And for the line at the bottom, I said, “And this line at the bottom is called the GRASS LINE. First I did it on the realistic lined paper, then the colored lined paper, and then the black and white lined paper.You have to make sure that your letters touch the grass line before you stop.” Then I showed them what I meant by drawing letters right on those pages with a dry erase marker. Then I demonstrated how to write a few letters for the group with my dry erase marker right on those pages.Then I would put a page with some smaller format colored lines on the back to see if they could apply this skill on smaller lines, and then black and white lines.We went straight to the small lined paper, and it was pretty hard for some of the kids.I told the kids to make sure that they started at the sky and went all the way down to the bottom grass line. Butkus, I just can’t figure out where the sky, grass, and dirt are on the white paper.” And that’s when the light went on for me!Teach the Names of the Sections and Lines on the Paper Explicitly (Establish a Common Vocabulary) It dawned on me that I could teach the names of each section (and LINE!Give Examples and Non­ Examples of Correctly Formed Letters on Large Format Lined Paper Then I drilled the class on what each line was called by moving my marker up and downand having them respond with, “Sky! I would print it correctly or incorrectly and then ask them if it was done right or wrong? Guided Practice: Give the Kids a Chance to Try It (But BE PATIENT!) If I could go back and do this again, I would print out a small group set of the colored large format paper and have them write the letters in small groups on it with a dry erase marker.


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