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Many people take nature for granted and do not realize that they cannot just reap from it.The Earth needs to be nourished in return, so it can catch up with the people’s requirements.The greatest change that could be made would be to get away from the usage of gasoline.

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These and other ideas will help to preserve environment and make life more sustainable. We must develop a habit to live frugally without excessive luxury.

New generation will need new conditions to successfully survive in our deteriorating natural environment.

Sometimes people forget how we depend on nature and environment surrounding us.

We spend mindlessly the resources given by nature and believe that they are unlimited.

We have been using natural resources thoughtlessly for many years.

Once we exhausted one resource we started to use up another alternative.

Over the last millennia the population on the planet grew immensely and our needs increase with every year.

We achieved great breakthrough in industry and other fields of production.

(I read the book) It's clear something awful has occurred on the earth, but it doesn't portray that if we took time to recycle or reuse, then the world wouldn't have ended.

I would also add that for other essays, you could add in a few more details for a more sound essay, and so readers don't feel left behind.


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