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In recent years, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) has carried out ...Methods to enhance random mutagenesis in cells offer advantages over in vitro mutagenesis, but current in vivo methods suffer from a lack of control, genomic instability, low efficiency and narrow mutational spectra. more Methods to enhance random mutagenesis in cells offer advantages over in vitro mutagenesis, but current in vivo methods suffer from a lack of control, genomic instability, low efficiency and narrow mutational spectra.

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more The source of genetic information in a plant cell is contained in nucleus, plastids, and mitochondria.

Organelle transformation is getting a lot of attention nowadays because of its superior performance over the conventional and most commonly used nuclear transformation for obtaining transgenic lines.

Absence of gene silencing, strong predictable transgene expression, and its application in molecular pharming, both in pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals, are some of many advantages.

Other important benefits of utilizing this technology include the absence of transgene flow, as organelles are maternally inherited.

The incorporation of aldehyde reductase (Alrd) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (Ald H) in recombinant strain showed 2-fold increment in crude glycerol utilization under aerobic condition.

Moreover, these two enzymes introduced an alternative pathway leading toward the potential production of bioethanol which was more than redox-balancing steps.

more Crude glycerol, an inevitable byproduct during biodiesel production, is emerging as a potential feedstock for fermentation, due to its availability and a reasonable price.

Biological utilization of abundant crude glycerol to several value added products is contemporary research area with beneficial features.

Solving the problem of proper disposal and raising economic viability of biodiesel industries.

Several researches have been directed toward the production of numerous products by using Escherichia coli, an ideal organism for heterologous expression of various foreign proteins. coli strains were constructed for the simultaneous production of poly 3-hydroxybutyrate (P3HB) and bioethanol from crude glycerol.


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