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You may have thought rickrolling had jumped the shark, but no. It is worth noting that Gudiseva isn't the first student to pull the essay prank. In 2010, using a never ending stream of Astley lyrics in a computer essay, a student pulled a similar stunt.

You may have thought rickrolling had jumped the shark, but no. It is worth noting that Gudiseva isn't the first student to pull the essay prank.

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Arguably the apex of the Rickolling phenomenon came on April 1st of 2008 when You Tube automatically redirected every person who clicked on a video on the site’s main page to the music video for the song, which we guess is a lot better than directing them to an alternate version of this joke going around at the time involving a couple of ladies and a cup…

As to Astley, he first learned about Rickrolling via friends of his Rickrolling him.

Duckrolling got its start indirectly thanks to the founder of the occasionally infamous internet message board 4chan, Christopher Poole- better known online by his moniker “moot”.

Not long before Rickrolling became the internet’s go-to prank, moot decided to make it so that anytime a user wrote the word “egg” on the site, it would autocorrect to “duck”.

Never underestimate a high school student's ability to craft an inspired prank.

Going back to the '80s for inspiration, Sairam Gudiseva wrote an essay with a "rickroll" message best to be enjoyed by fans of good-natured shenanigans. It isn't easy to write about scientist Niels Bohr, while working in Rick Astley lyrics that you may miss on first pass.After all, this once again thrust him in the spotlight he so rapidly exited in his late 20s when he got sick of the life of a popstar and decided he’d rather devote himself to other things, most notably raising his new daughter, Emilie, rather than being absent from her life for large stretches of time while on the road.To begin with, Astley states he thinks the whole thing is rather amusing and, to quote the man himself, I don’t see it as negative.The prank was a big hit with 4chan users who were particularly amused that the word eggroll would automatically be stylised as duckroll whenever it was typed.As the joke evolved, some time in late 2006 one anonymous user Photoshopped and linked to an image of a duck with wheels- a literal interpretation of the word duckroll.Gudiseva wrote on Twitter, “Rick Rolled my physics teacher…” You can read the whole essay here.IT’S BEEN A while since we’ve seen a good Rickroll, but the craze has come back with a bang with this amazing example.The prank employs disguised hyperlinks that would take anyone clicking it to the said music video.Those unsuspecting victims led to the video expecting to view an unrelated content are said to be “rickrolled”. For instance, during a mathematics convention I attended several years ago, somebody was talking about topological transformation, and then he told his audience to focus on the screen as he prepared the animation of the transformation.You're going to have to keep in mind that Guyism, the site with that story, is NSFW (not safe for work). To check out that story without the risk of an angry boss, click here.


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