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Together these two factors can help you create viral campaigns and crush it in sales.If you aren’t sure which niche is right for you there are a couple simple ways to test the market: With option one, you will likely end up investing several hours of your time and energy into the process, which is why we obviously prefer option two.

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The custom apparel industry has boomed in large part due to the low barrier of entry thanks to websites like Teespring, Teechip, and Represent to name a few.

But as more and more people come aboard, the market is becoming oversaturated and it is becoming increasingly difficult for newbies to profit.

Though this may sound daunting to some, there are plenty of advantages to choosing Shopify as your platform, most notably, building your own personal brand.

If you want to grow a t-shirt business that is built on a completely unique and/or personal idea then Shopify is a great platform that will let you develop your brand.

With advancements in technology and the internet, as well as the changing tides of commerce, starting your own business has never been easier.

And it turns out, many are dipping their toes into the entrepreneurial pool by starting out with their own t-shirt or apparel campaigns.Choosing a niche blindly is not advised and can cost you time and money.Whichever route you choose to go down in terms of niche selection, make sure you have research and data to back it.Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs lack the experience or education to create the systems that will one day turn their business into a sellable asset, and the marketing wherewithal to beat out their competition.Whether you’re looking to kickstart your first custom apparel campaign or are struggling to make your current one work, we’re breaking down how to create a business plan for your t-shirt business that will put you on the path to success.Regardless of which method you choose, the underlying need is to continuously reach new potential buyers and entice them to purchase your product.Perhaps one of the least glamorous aspects of growing your own business is creating the systems and processes that will allow you to organize it so it runs smoothly.In fact, this is a serious problem for most sellers.While they create a business that, for example, profits 00 per day, they increase the valuation of their business.While many people choose to start out using websites like Teespring, some sellers are moving to Shopify to start their own brand.Unlike the other platforms, with Shopify you are responsible for creating, posting, marketing and shipping your products independently.


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