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The continued economic and political stability in Canada has averted issues of inflation and economic downturns, which would eventually affect the customer buying powers in the Durham Region (Macdonald, 2007).Furthermore, the restaurant is favored by the Canadian regulatory system, which focuses at protecting and promoting the local businesses. Although, some of the supermarkets, source their seafood from abroad, recent findings have established that a large number of manufacturers, including the local ones, continue to rely on the daily supply of seafood caught at Whitby.

Different people have diverse culinary needs and the ability of Joey’s seafood restaurants to provide a wide menu gives it an opportunity to meet these diverse needs of its large customer base.

Besides fish and other seafood, the chain offers among other foods chips, sandwiches, soups & greens, dessert, and share (“Joey’s – Home of Canada’s favourite Fish & Chips! Moreover, Joey’s seafood restaurants enjoy a serene business environment attributed to the continued political stability in Canada, which is also a basis for the continued economic growth and development in the country.

The modern lifestyle is characterized by an ever evolving world, whereby different people and target customers are looking forward to achieving the best they can in life.

Additionally, many economies are progressively achieving major economic growth and development, eventually implying that people are continuously moving towards better living standards and shining financially.

The town is also well known for its friendliness and a raft of events, which promote community involvement and is committed to feeling every person, regardless of background feel appreciated as an integral part of the community.

To appeal to the diverse needs of all of its residents, the town has well developed and designated facilities, programs, and activity centers. Fourthly, the company covers the consumer behavior analysis to determine their level of engagement and also assess their different influencers. Thirdly, there is the positioning section that aims at determining how the new restaurant will be differentiated from the other competitors. The fish industry in Whitby is considered as one of the oldest in the town and in which case it is still thriving to this modern day. It is this view that the market constitutes of people coming from diverse backgrounds; culturally, economically, socially, religionally, racially, and in which case this cuts across all the age groups.Finally, its continued commitment on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards proper waste disposal systems, fighting against the carbon emissions, and community engagement among other strategies works in its favor.Joey’s requires a limited size of labor size as it considers this the best approach to streamlining its operations and hence efficiency (“Joey’s – Home of Canada’s favourite Fish & Chips! Unfortunately, this may work against the restaurant considering the ever increasing number of potential customers. Secondly, there is the target market selection, which focuses in the critical examination of the specific population that will be targeted by the new restaurant. It also undertakes a SWOT analysis and competitor analysis. The market plan is divided into five different segments including a situational analysis that undertakes a critical analysis of the target market. The chain intends to launch a new restaurant in Whitby, Ontario and hence the need for a marketing plan to screen the business environment and help the new restaurant come up with effective strategies towards attaining set objectives.


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