Self Evaluation Essay For Drama

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Madeline is a very mature character yet she is a young girl, this means to attain the desired affect all I had to do was act like I would normally but use a slightly softer tone of voice.

Occasionally I would sneak in the odd hint of a young girl, this was mainly via body language. Middle It was also important that the audience reacted to the game in the same way.

The third scene was also fine as it was not very long.

The final scene was probably the weakest because of the amount of lines and the fact that we didn't feel as confident saying them.

One thing I was sure of was that the play and my group would be one I would enjoy being part of.

How I felt about my chosen character: When I was given the characters of Eric and Madeline I knew little about them and therefore had to take the teachers word that they would be the right characters for me. Conclusion We did manage to make it work by taking the whole shot again.I have identified my main strengths in the lessons by deciding what my aptitudes are; working in a group, commitment to the performance and attendance.With self confidence this has given me the ability to learn new skills quickly.The play looked quite complicated and as unlike some of my group I hadn't seen it yet so it was hard to grasp the overall meaning of the play.To be honest I'm still quite confused over the meaning of the play because it didn't seem to have one.Throughout this essay I would include examples and relevance of day to day working practices, and the experienced I have gained.I will first and foremost define performing arts, according to the concise oxford dictionary, by oxford university press mentioned that this is when an individual personally participates in an activity for example (football, cricket, netball, playing musical instrument) in this case dance drama and singing.However, I recognize my weaknesses which are; I am to easily distracted, I lack time management, and I am late and rush at the last minute, but without missing a deadline.I have noticed that Improvements’ have been made throughout the lessons surfing across three topics and the consequences don’t seem to bother me.The aspect of physical exercise and the practice of physical skills are well recognized today, which is suggested as one of the consequences.There are many top class actors or musicians that are aware of the difficulty when performing to the high limit, e.g.


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