Self Evaluation Essay For English Class

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Write a self evaluation essay considering the guidelines below.

The following are guidelines for your Self-Evaluation Essay: This is my first year in the Linguistics department of Hacettepe University.

Thirdly, even though there has been a big improvement in my English skills, I have not been able to deal with arts or sports, both of which are my main interests.

I was hoping to have art lessons such as painting and music. Another deficit of my department –or of the university in general- is that there are not many sports activities going on.

I, however, still feel sad about not being able to take any courses from my areas of interest. You have to state those objectives which you had planned but could not acheive due to some reason or the other.

Also, mention the reasons and obstacles that refrained you from achieving those goals.

Final Exams came and went, and by the time I had gotten my results.

I had already well settled in to High Point University.

First of all, I have been able to improve my expressive English skills thanks to a native speaker’s being our lecturer, and having courses on how to express ourselves better in English. I learned many new words, idioms, grammar structures and expressions in her classes, which would have me state my thoughts in a more comprehensible way in written language.

Also, both in our writing and reading classes we had discussions about various controversial subjects that helped me improve my speaking skills.


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