Shoeless Joe Jackson Essay

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Two prominent sportswriters in Chicago are especially attuned to something being severely not right and take it upon themselves to dig deeper.

They don’t have to dig very deep before things start to unravel.

The Chicago White Sox have just completed the regular season with the best record in baseball.

The World Series will be played, but it seems like a mere formality.

Eddie Cicotte at first flatly refuses, but then he goes into Comiskey’s office to get the $10,000 bonus that the owner promised him if he could win 30 games that season. Cicotte’s argument is that he likely would have won that 30th game had the owner not ordered the manager to rest his pitching ace after win 29 so he would be fresh for postseason.

Gandil is convinced that Comiskey was far less interested in his health than he was in saving himself a ,000 loss.Traditional religion is presented in an entirely negative light.It is epitomized in Ray's perceptions of his wife's family.This coming on the heels of the news that the champagne represents the grand sum of the bonus they were promised if they won the pennant.Not for the first time, the players feel let down and abused by ownership.The rest of the team joins the pitcher of game three in playing hard for victory as does Buck Weaver.Even Shoeless Joe, who is supposedly in on the fix, is putting up impressive numbers that help to defer suspicion. By Game 7 the manager ha become more than a little anxious and plans to substitute for the poorly performing Cicotte.An investigation is launched culminating with a grand jury indicting eight players including Buck Weaver and Shoeless Joe Jackson—and not one single gambler.A trial is held and the verdict returns: all eight found not guilty of on charges of conspiring to defraud the public.Game 8 means starting the other pitcher who is being paid to throw the Series, but he has yet to see any money and decides to follow Cicotte’s lead and pitch for a win.A threat posed to the continuing existence of his wife stops that misguided plan in its tracks.


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